About Us

Choose the Sword Press was founded in January 2014 after Damon began having a series of dreams that included some very demanding unicorns. Not one to refuse a unicorn, Damon started building the press from the ground up. The mission of CTS is to find & encourage writing from underrepresented populations. We strive to find the work that might otherwise be ignored & give it a microphone. CTS is here to take the best unheard voices in the literary world & match them with high editorial standards so that the finished product is both striking & sound, emotionally raw & poetically technical. We are partial to writers who have a good grasp on their craft & a unique perspective that can help shape the world for the better.


Don’t think of the CTS team as anything more than the translators for a gang of poetry-reading, vodka-shot-slamming, & chain-smoking unicorns. So, if there is ever a time where we do not accept your manuscript or you didn’t win one of the contests & are feeling mad about it, then they’re the ones you’ll want to take your beef with. We’re just the lackeys here, guys, & the unicorns already yell at us enough themselves.


If you would like to submit, please use the Submittable link above.  Otherwise, you can contact us at editor at ctspress.com


Damon – President major

Moriah Pearson – President minor