Moriah Pearson

Moriah Pearson always liked to think of herself as a poet of all trades until she realized she’s a poet of just one trade. She’s just not always the most sure what trade that is & likes to say it’s a different one each day. After spending as much time as she could learning about poetry under the wings of other writers & the highly acclaimed World Wide Web, she began pursuing her writing career in October of 2012. Moriah was happily confused when she received her first publication in the Spring 2013 issue of Ishaan Literary Review under one of her other names, Chynna M. Pearson. She’d request for the editor to change it if she didn’t really hate the idea of bothering someone so busy.

After a hiatus from submitting to any journals so that she could hyper focus on the idea of slam poetry & if she could do it well & to play on Tumblr, she’s recently felt the itch to submit again. Though that could also just be the mosquito bites of summer talking.

Moriah was approached by Damon to publish a chapbook with CTS Press in January of 2014 & has since put out her book & joined the press in its efforts to smash down inequality via good words by good writers. She currently lives in Ohio & plans to buckle under the pressure of society & begin attending college in the fall of 2014 to attain an Associate’s in Arts & Humanities before pursuing her Bachelor’s in either English or Creative Knitting of Scarves for Cats.

Her poet crushes include Eileen Myles, Li-Young Lee, & Richard Siken & she spends her free time trying to learn how to speak Italian & cook Indian. If you were to ask her who she is, then she’d tell you that she’s just an evil villain with a soft spot for the homeless & orange cats. Moriah’s an unapologetic feminist & member of the LGBT community who currently attends out-patient treatment for her addiction to commas, but as you can tell, she’s still using regularly. She hated writing this entire thing in third person.